Spain journalists wear black to protest against political interference

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For the third Friday in a row, journalists working for Spain’s public broadcaster have worn black on screen to protest against alleged political interference, gender bias and unequal pay.

A statement by the RTVE Women said, “For the third consecutive week, RTVE workers are wearing black this Friday to protest against the parliamentary impasse that is hindering the establishment of a public competition to choose the leadership team and restore RTVE’s professional judgment.”

The campaign, known as viernes negro (black Friday), is intended to highlight the Spanish government’s continuing refusal to approve a transparent process to appoint an independent board at RTVE.

Protesters argue that the ruling conservative People’s party (PP) meddles in media coverage and has a vested interest in appointing the RTVE chair directly.

Journalists have been using the hashtag #AsiSeManipula (#ThisIsHowTheyManipulate) to share their experiences of bias and the pressure placed on them to report certain stories in certain ways.

On Tuesday, an RTVE editor resigned after her TV channel failed to run a video in which a government aide was caught criticising protesting pensioners. The aide said: “How I’d love to give them the finger and tell them to go fuck themselves.”

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