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Rayenne and Djihene, Siamese twins joined at the chest and the abdomen, who in October were admitted to the Bambino Gesu Hospital, for their separation, were dismissed and can go home to Algeria .

The very delicate operation lasted 10 hours.

After the latest tests, the doctors decided they could be discharged on May 10th, the day of their second birthday .

The staff at the department where they practically lived for many months, a party was organized to greet them . “We will miss them a lot”, said the director of the surgical department, Alessandro Inserra said.

“From the day of our arrival to date many things have changed, and now little girls stand up on their own, they have gained weight and are doing good. Only until recently my wife and I did not really imagine what the future might hold. But now it’s time to go home. We want to thank the Hospital, the doctors and nurses who have been close to us all this time”, said Athmane Mebarki , the father of the girls.

Seven months after the operation that allowed them to be separated, the little ones manage to take their first steps and pronounce a few words in Italian. But their rehabilitation path will be quite long: in the next few years, in fact, they will have to undergo other corrective interventions. In Algeria the girls will be followed by a medical center in Madaura, one hundred kilometers from Oum El Bouaghi, their city of origin .

Prior to departure, the twins were subjected to a series of basic tests to get a final picture of the clinical situation and to update the documentation to be provided to the family. The department of the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital greeted them with emotion: from the president of the Mariella Enoc Hospital to Alessandro Inserra who led the team of 40 people who operated the small, but also all the staff of doctors and nurses.

“We will miss the girls a little bit in a stable condition.In the future they will have to be checked again and we expect them to return to the Infant Jesus in about a year.Today they can maintain their upright position and walk disorderly, but with time will be able to recover “, concluded Inserra.