Malta Newspaper Review – 11th May 2018

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The Malta Independent reports Ivan Bartolo, a former Nationalist Party candidate and businessman has left the party and quit politics. In the story carrying the headling, <<Ivan Bartolo resigns from PN business development role over lack of initiative>> we read that Bartolo, who was appointed by the Party Leader Adrian Delia to carry out a business develpment plan within the PN, departed resigned because of “the lack of initiative on the part of top officials to implement Bartolo’s business development plans.”

The second story <<Government files master plan for district park around Fgura; includes dirt race track>>, reports about the application the Government has filed with a masterplan to create a regional park in the the Fgura, Zabbar and Cospicua area. The newspaper also carries a photo story, entitled <<Is there a nurse in the House?>>, highlighting the commemoration of the International Nurses Day in Parliament.

On the backpage, we read an opinion piece by MEP Alfred Sant, about <<Funds for Europe>. In his piece, Sant expresses his perplexity about the figures mentioned about air pollution in Malta. This opinion piece appears under a photo of a man cleaning the Triton’s fountain in Valletta, carrying the caption ‘Fishing Exhibition’.

In-Nazzjon’s main story is entitled <<Il-Qorti tiddikjara li l-kawża li fetaħ il-Kap ta’ l-Oppożizzjoni kontra l-VGH hi ta’ “importanza kbira”. The story reports how the Court has found that a lawsuit filed by Opposition leader Adrian Delia to rescind the contract between the government and Vitals Global Healthcare, was a matter of “great importance”. Mr Justice Silvio Meli, presiding over the case instituted by Dr Delia against Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the Attorney General, Malta Industrial Parks and VGH calling for the Karin Grech, St Luke’s and Gozo hospitals to be given back to the public because contract conditions had not been respected.  In another story which carries the headline <<Diżappunt>> we read about the elimination of Christabelle from the Eurovision’s song contest semifinal. The third story is a photo story’ showing the PN Leader addressing the Nationalist Party Gozitan delegates as part of the General Council. On the backpage, <<Malta fost il-pajjiżi l-aktar korrotti fl-Ewropa tal-Punent>>, we read about a recent report published by the Transparency Agency International about corruption in Europe. Malta’s 46th place ranking, positions it amongst the 8 Western European countries.

L-Orizzont’s front page carries a photo of the Mġarr Harbour in Gozo carrying the title <<Hem mil-bżonn tar-raba vapur>>. The report, which is located on page 3, refers to the challenges there are because of the increase of passengers using the Gozo Channel, and the impact it has on the infrastructure and the service offered by the Gozo Channel. <<Iridu jtawlu>> is a story which states that the leadership of the PN took a decision to appeal from the Constitutional Court Sentence which was meant to start the procedure of investigating the invoices used to cover donations the DB Group gave to the Nationalist Party. The third story of L-Orizzont entitled <<Pagamenti supplimentari wara lmenti ta’ dewmien>> refers to the decision taken by Government to pay for the teachers who provide the supervision services on school transport. The backpage story of L-Orizzont refers to Mahathir Mohammad, who at 92 becomes the world’s oldest Prime Minister to take oath in his role.

The Times main story entitled << ‘Mafia infiltration’ worried gaming industry>> reports that Gaming companies threatened to leave Malta after Italian prosecutors “exposed” mafia infiltration of the industry, industry sources told the Investigative Reporting Project Italy. According to the sources, a number of companies told the Malta Gaming Authority they would pack up and leave if it failed to clean up the sector. The Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), investigating the links as part of the Daphne Project, found what it termed as a persistent lack of cooperation with Italian prosecutors seeking to freeze assets of a Malta-based gaming company having suspected mafia ties.” In a second story we read that plans for a new oil storage terminal in Birżebbuġa were turned down by the Planning Authority after years circling the drain. The PA board yesterday unanimously rejected the application, which had met with strong opposition from residents and the Birżebbuġa local council. In the report entitled << Oil storage terminal in Birżebbuġa refused>>  we read that “applicant Yush M Sultan Al Junaidy had been seeking since 2010 to build a land-based oil storage terminal along jetties for large vessels, connecting pipelines, workshops, storage, offices and control rooms.” The backpage of The Times carries a talking point entitled <<Reckless and insane>>  where Svetlana Schembri Wismayer speaks about the amendments for the IVF bill, claiming that the current bill has a number of issues which require attention, adding that considering all the issues and all the individuals that will have their lives affected by this Bill, more time and care should be given in order to best protect all parties involved. Rushing through the process, as presently done, is both reckless and insane.




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