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The situation in the Middle East, relations with the United States, but above all the state of the European Union were the main themes that emerged during a meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel in Aachen .

The international Political sphere, was the background against which the two leaders spoke. The German chancellor focused on her speech on the US and the raid on Syria while the French president spoke about the EU.

Emmanuel Macron, who arrived in Aachen to receive the Charlemagne Prize and to take part in the trilateral summit between France, Germany and Ukraine , made a passionate speech about Europe: “Wake up, France has changed,” he said. And he re-launched the idea of ​​a multi-speed Europe: “We can not always wait for everyone”. He then spoke of the temptations to divide and to support the rhetoric of nationalisms.

According to the head of the Élysée the relaunch of the continent must take place even more convincingly after the traumas such as “the Brexit and the Italian elections”. A critique of Merkel herself was not lacking in her speech. “In Germany there can not be an eternal fetishism for budgetary and commercial surpluses, since these are made at everyone’s expense,” Macron said after urging the French to be ready “to spend less public money”.

For its part, the German chancellor preferred to focus on international issues such as the crisis in the Middle East that with the raids of Israel in Syria risks accelerating. Of the European Union spoke only in reference to the relationship with the United States. “We can no longer think that the US will defend us, Europe must take its destiny into its own hands”, said Merkel and finally hinted at the EU’s next objectives:” The discussion is difficult, but we will make progress in the banking union “and” we will strengthen the eurozone “.

Source TGCOM 24