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Oxford University took down a portrait of Theresa May after a row erupted by students in the geography department. The British Prime Minister read geography at ST Hugh College and a spokesperson for Oxford University said that her picture is part of a display on women graduates.

“Ms May was included in a series of portraits to celebrate outstanding female graduates of the School of Geography and the Environment.”

The image, however, became a target of protesters against the Windrush scandal. A twitter campaign called “Not All Geographers” criticising Ms May was accompanied by written messages stuck to the wall behind the Prime Minister’s picture.

“How can you challenge Windrush as an academic but institutionally celebrate Theresa May?!” said one of the tweets while the account declared its intention to raise concerns about having a sitting Prime Minister “celebrated in such a way.”

The Windrush Scandal caused an uproar recently and led to the resignation of Home Secretary Amber Rudd after it emerged that thousands of people living in the UK were being denied healthcare and threatened with deportation. The so-called Windrush generation arrived in post-WWII Britain from the Caribbean on invitation of the British government to help rebuild the country.

Critics argue that the scandal developed from the policies and measures enacted by Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary.

Scribbled messages around Ms May’s portrait on display at the School of Geography and the Environment said: “Let in every refugee. Throw the Tories in the sea.”

The image has since been taken down, but the Oxford University spokesperson said that it will be put up again as intended.

“We remain proud of her success and that of all the graduates celebrated in the display.”