Editor Perspectives – 10th May 2018

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In it’s editorial, The Times, writes that while in some countries, like parts of the US, have had solar rights and solar access legislation for 40 years, the government in Malta is still mulling on whether now is the right time to enact solar rights legislation to protect photovoltaic panel owners from overshading. Entitled << Solar access should be a right >> the editorial says that to harness the sun’s energy, a property owner must have access to sunlight and have the right to install a solar energy system. The absence of solar rights laws has been described as a ‘handicap’ for further uptake of the government’s subsidy offer. Malta lags behind many EU countries in the importance it gives to environmental issues. Let us be among the first in the EU to enact legislation giving citizens the right to enjoy and utilise sunlight.”

The Malta Independent’s editorial entitled <<Safety Takes Priority>>. It focuses on the issue of migration and argues that too many lives has been lost in the journey that migrants take. The editorial states that many in Europe are concernet about the number of arrivals, though the number has been in reduction. The editorial states that “Europe must continue to wokr with other countries to help refugees, and create agreements with third countries.” It also adds that “we must not ignore the perils associated with making the journey to Europe, with over 600 having died in the Mediterranean this year so far. The journey is perilious, with the dangers of being sold into slavery or held for ransom very real. These people, first and foremost, need our help.

The Malta Business Weekly, in an editorial named <<Was that the end of the rebound?>> focuses on the price of oil and the interest rates which have been at a historic low. The editorial states that these two unrelated items could mark the end of the euphoria over global growth, and in particular Euroepan growth, after the 2008 crisis.

In-Nazzjon, refers to Europe. Entitled <<Futur Ewropew>> the editorial referes to Malta’s EU membership, the European project as a whole and the future choices for the country and Europe.

L-Orizzont’s editorial <<Konferma li missew il-qiegħ>> criticizes the Nationalist Party’s newspaper and how it tried to make a story from a private visit, the Prime Minister had to watch his favourite football team.




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