Malta Newspaper Review – 8th May 2018

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Newspaper Review

The Times front page carries a story entitled <<BVI probed Schembri’s $725,000 offshore firm>>. In this story, we read that new documents show that “anti-money-laundering investigators in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) have probed Keith Schembri’s offshore company Colson, which in 2014 held cash balances of $725,000.”  The report says that “in a letter to Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca, the BVI’s Financial Investigation Unit (FIA) asked for information about Colson as part of its functions “in relation to the investigation of a financial offence, including money laundering”.

Another report entitled <<Townsquare excavation works on hold, developers confirm>>. The report states that “Excavation works on the Townsquare high-rise in Sliema, which began last year, have been suspended following the revocation of the development permit by an appeals tribunal, the project developers have confirmed. The 38-storey tower was approved by the Planning Authority in 2016 and excavation began late last year, to the anger of residents and organisations appealing the decision, which included Din L-Art Ħelwa, Flimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar and the Sliema local council.”

The back page carries an opinion piece by Joseph Tabone, entitled <<Think tank calls it a day>>. In this article, Tabone explains what led to the winding up of the think tank.

The front page of the Malta Independent carries a photo story entitled <<Newly-appointed Chief Justice Joseph Azzopardi yesterday presided over his first case in the Court of Criminal Appeal.>> The main story is entitled <<1 in 8 people diagnosed with skin cancer die in Malta>>. In the story we read that “according to statistics, 1 in 8 people diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer die in Malta. For the eighteenth year running, Malta is joining the rest of Europe in this year’s Euro-Melanoma Day Campaign. Melanoma skin cancer which is linked to sun exposure is by far the most common skin-related cause of death worldwide”. In another story, entitled <<Many concerned over Attard villa redevelopment next to Grade 1 aqueduct>>, we read that “A proposed redevelopment in Attard has resulted in public uproar and concerns over a Grade 1 protected aqueduct. The proposal seeks to turn a property which contains one villa, into four separate villas on Triq il-Linja / Triq Peter Paul Rubens – Attard, but many have objected and over 100 people including residents as well as several ENGOs teamed up to urge protection of the monument.” The back page of The Independent carries a story entitled <<Evidence of money-laundering by Mizzi and Schembri is now overwhelming – Simon Busuttil, David Casa>>. In this story we read that “The evidence linking Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri to criminal activity is now overwhelming following the latest revelations in DaphneProject. Busuttil and Casa testified to Magistrate Francesco Depasquale in relation to the joint court application they filed on 20th April requesting a magisterial inquiry on the basis of the revelations made by The Daphne Project and the FIAU report in David Casa’s possession. Another story is entitled <<Investigation of anonymous allegations relating to a Home Ownership Scheme property in Santa Luċija>>. In this story we read that “Although the information provided in relation to specific events was mostly correct, it did not consider the historic, legal, and administrative context. All of these variables played a critical part in assessing whether the former Parliamentary Secretary had influenced processes related to the HOS for his own benefit. To this effect, this investigation did not reveal evidence to support the claims and implications made.” Another story focuses about <<Police inspector wins libel damages against Maltatoday>>.

In-Nazzjon’s Front Page carries a report entitled <<Il-PN se jibqa’ jisma’ u jitkellem man-nies>>. The report carries a speech by the PN Leader, Dr Adrian Delia, delivered during a party event in Paola. Dr Delia said the party is embarking on a series of dialogues to formulate alternative policies, so as the country is given the future it deserves. Delia referred in particular to the sectors of education and energy. He referred to the lack of teachers and how this sector is not attracting enough students to have a career in this profession. The PN leader also referred to the long-term agreements for the energy and fuel.

Another report refers to the first speech of Chief Justice Joseph Azzopardi, who in his inaugural speech referred to the delays in court case hearing. A third story refers to the setting up of Fondazzjoni PN, aimed to help those in need. The back page of In-Nazzjon refers to the Eurovision Song Contest, which kicks off tonight with the first semi-final. Entitled <<Il-ħolma ta’ Christabelle isseħħ>> the report refers to an interview that the singer had back in 2002, when the then 10-year old girl, said her dream was to once represent Malta in the Eurovision.

Orizzont’s  front page’s main story <<Malta Eċċezzjoni>> reports about how the price of electricity in Malta is stable, despite the increases in other countries around the world. In the story, <<L-Orizzont mhux ħati ta’ libel>>, we read that Josef Caruana,  former editor of the newspaper was cleared from libel accusations in the case of Ganni l-Għawdxi the Gozitan herdsman who had an issue related to sheep and which required ‘watching’.

In another story from a series which the newspaper is carrying, we continue to read the views of Joseanne Peregin, about the differences in sexual orientation. She argues that these differences should be taught at school. Another story on the front page focuses on the illegal caravans and BBQ’s. The story entitled <<Karavans illegali – hemm biżżejjed infurzar?>> focuses on a number of complaints from a number of residents from various localities about the defying of a number of regulations about caravans and BBQs amongst others in public spaces.  The back-page carries a story about the inauguration of Vladimir Putin for the fourth time.

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