Di Maio: “Ready to step back, we choose a premier with Salvini” The League “appreciates”

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++ Di Maio,pronti a governo solo con Lega ++

Luigi Di Maio opens to Matteo Salvini in an attempt to give the country a government after more than 60 days. “Ok to a third premier but with commitment on the program,” says the leader M5s on Rai3. “If the obstacle is me, we will choose the name together, ready to take a step back”, he stressed, refusing to Berlusconi. The group leader FI to the Chamber, Mariastella Gelmini: “We are repeating an attempt to divide us”. Sources of the League express appreciation for Di Maio’s words.

“If the point is to achieve something for Italians, an electoral program, and the obstacle is me, to Salvini I say together we choose the Prime Minister on condition that he realizes the income of citizenship and Fornero. A solution we must find it, a technical government , the problem is the connection with the country, we choose a political personality “, underlined Di Maio as guest of Lucia Annunziata in In half an hour.

“We must all take a step back” -“The day after the elections we had to make a choice: turn to the political forces – continued the leader M5s – the first was the League.When we started the discussion on the contract Salvini has always said ‘The premier must go to the center-right’ In this situation, my person was a dam to not give up the premiership to the center, that is also to Silvio Berlusconi.With Berlusconi we belong to two different political eras.Now we are in the third Republic, we must start talking about issues and you have to know with whom those themes can be realized.I take a step backwards, Salvini takes a step backwards, but there is another who has to take a step back “, referring to Berlusconi.

“Never lost hope” -For Di Maio, “beyond the agreement for an M5s-Lega government with a shared premier you do not go in. We propose a political government with the League on some points.” What Berlusconi will do, I do not know. great joke is that we have tried in every way, even with the Democratic Party. But even there it was understood that the internal dynamics were worth more … The hope of being able to do something good for Italy I have never lost. I thought it would be difficult, but not impossible “.

Government of the president does not have the numbers -According to the leader of the 5-star movement, “for the president’s government today there are no numbers, because the M5s is not there and what I hear is not even the League.” We would not vote for a president’s government ” . “It is not a question of standing against Mattarella – said Di Maio – I think the Quirinale knows that the Movement from the first day was linear in telling its own line and from the first day the Quirinale knows that we would not have been available to technical governments of purpose, as we would be unavailable to any government that does not have a connection with the country If we can not make a political government, let’s go back to the vote We can not vote for trust “.

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