Malta Newspaper Review – 5th May 2018

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Newspaper Review

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Today’s NewsPaper Review by Jesmond Saliba follows.

The Times’s main story <<Traffic likely cause of huge carbon dioxide rise>> refers to the Eurostat data about CO2 emissions and which saw Malta register the highest increase. The report states that according to a respiratory physician, this increase was likely caused by the increase in the number of cars and the traffic on Malta’s jam-packed roads.

In a second story Ivan Camilleri reports that Tourism Minister’s father is doing job interviews in Air Malta. << Mizzi’s father interviews Air Malta employees>>  states that “Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi’s father has been tasked with a government process to interview and select Air Malta employees wishing to find alternative employment within the public sector, the Times of Malta is informed. Lawrence Mizzi, who has been appointed by the government as chairman of Resources Support and Services Limited (RSSL) – is personally interviewing Air Malta employees and telling them of vacancies in government departments. When contacted, Mr Mizzi, 66, a former Air Malta employee, admitted that he was involved in the process as chairman of the State company, but insisted the fact that he was the father of the minister responsible for Air Malta may not necessarily pose a conflict of interest. “It is true that I am interviewing Air Malta employees to find them alternative jobs with the government. However, no one told me that I might have a conflict of interest,” he said”.  The newspaper also carries a photo of a bus which went on fire yesterday in Buġibba.  The back-page carries a Talking Point by Yury Fedotov (executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ) entitled <<Taking action on Cybercrime>>.

The editorial of The Times is entitled <<Taking up the baton>> and refers to the issues pertaining to rights of use and ownership  in the situation that developed following the court case decision on the band club in Paola.

L-Orizzont’s main story covers a statement done by Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli as a reaction to a degrading comments levied at her by the Partit Demokratiku on the social media. In the comment, which eventually was deleted from Facebook, Farrugia Portelli was called a ‘village escort’. In the article entitled <<Messaġġ degradanti li qed nibgħatu lis-soċjeta>> , Farrugia Portelli refers to the degrading notions we’re giving to society, where if you’re a woman in politics, than you can be attacked in that kind of unacceptable language.

Another article entitled <<L-ikbar sfida għal ġenituri ta’ tfal gay… li jaċċettaw ir-realta’>>, quotes Joseanne Peregin, Dravhma Parents Support Group Coordinator, referring to the fact that the biggest challenge of parents of gay children is accepting the reality. A photo story with the caption <<L-MTA tbassar sajf ieħor tajjeb għat-turiżmu>> refers to a report in the inside of the news paper, highlighting positive expectations for this summer.

The  back-page story, <<Il-Premju Nobel Għall-Letteratura Mhux se Jitħabbar Din is-Sena>>, refers to the fact that the Nobel Prize for Literature won’t be announced in view of a sexual assualt allegations.

The editorial L-Orizzont is entitled <<Liberta’ tal-Espressjoni>> refers to the fact that this week there was the World Press Freedom Day. It argues about the interpretation of the term ‘freedom of expression’, the different measuring tape used by some people, when it comes to what qualifies as ‘freedom of speech or not’and the use of the parliamentary priveledge by Nationalst MP Jason Azzopardi to make allegations. The editorial states that while the freedom of expression is important.

The Malta Independent’s main story <<Business associated with blockchain find difficulty in opening bank accounts in Malta>>, reports that businesses associated with blockchain technology are finding difficulty in opening bank accounts in Malta. It quotes to Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri saying that “(he) strongly believes that once new Blockchain technology and technology and cryptocurrency are enacted in Malta, banks would be less reluctant to welcome companies working in the industry, presumably due to the legal certainty. A second story entitled <<Malta records the EU’s highest carbon dioxide emissions increase>> refers to Eurostat statistics about the CO2 emissions from energy, which increased drastically in Malta. A photo story, showing the rests of a burnt bus is also on today’s Malta Independent front page. The editorial of the Malta Independent, <<Massive crowd does not wash sins away>> refers to the Prime Minister’s speech during the Labour Party event on Worker’s Day. The editorial states ‘his people closed both eyest to all accusations being levied against him and his closes allies, as they did in June 2017’. It adds “Abroad, prime ministers and ministers resign for much less; and yet here in Malta accountability is a concept that is unheard of.”

The front page of In-Nazzjon carries a story by Joe Mikallef entitled <<Jirromblaw fuq l-għalliema Għawdxin>>. In this story, Education Minister Evarist Bartolo and Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri is accused of adopting bullying tactics against Gozitan educators. The backpage carries an opinion piece by Victor Camilleri. In his article, which deals with a number of issues, the author highglights the lessons the Nationalist Party should have from the student movement SDM. In another story <<Ħabs għal eks-Speaker ħati ta’ korruzzjoni>> we read about Setya Novanto who was imprisoned for corruption.

The editorial of In-Nazzjon speaks about the renewal process that the Nationalist Party is going through. <<Partit li qed jiġġedded>> is about the way the new leadership and the party is changing. 









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