Malta – Newspaper analysis 2nd May 2018

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Today’s Newspapers focus on the speeches delivered by the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition in two separate events organised by the respective parties to commemorate Worker’s Day. There is also reference to the claims done by Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi about the investigations related to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder and the reactions to it. Other reports contribute to the debate on the IVF legislation amendments.

The full analysis, prepared by Jesmond Saliba follows.

L-Orizzont’s main story <<L-istorja jiktiba min iwettaq il-bidla>> refers to the speech delivered by the Prime Minister during Labour Party’s May Day Mass Meeting organised in Valletta on Tuesday. During the event, the Prime Minister announced what he called “the biggest social project in our times” in the area of social accommodation. The Prime Minister’s speech is also reported prominently on the front pages of MaltaToday, <<Thousands answer Muscat’s rallying call>>; The Times << PM reveals €50m housing project>> and The Malta Independent, <<PM does not directly address recent criticsim>>.

L-Orizzont also reports the speech delivered by the Secertary General of the General Workers Union, Josef Bugeja during a Business Breakfast organised by the Nationalst Party on the occasion of Worker’s Day. In a report entitled <<L-edukazzjoni u x-xogħol għandhom jingħaqdu aktar>>, Bugeja stresses on the need of more collaboration  between the education sector and those involved in the employment sector.  The backpage of Orizzont is dedicated to foreign news. A photo caption story takes the readers to Nicaragua, where there a protest march was held against the violence taking place in Managua. The second report entitled <<Pompeo: Il-Ftehim Nukleari mal-Iran kien mibni fuq gideb>> focuses on the revelations done by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu on the Iranian nuclear plans and the USA’s reaction to it.

The editorial of the paper is entitled <<Kif ser tirreaġixxi l-oppożizzjoni?>> questions what will the Opposition’s reaction following the announcement that the funds from the IIP will be used for a major social accomodation project, given its criticism to the donation given from the same fund, for Puttinu’s project in the UK.

Maltatoday’s secondary story is related to the allegations done by Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi on Monday, in relation to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder investigations. The report <<Secrurity Service denies prior knowledge of plot to murder journalist>> carries the Press Statement issued by the Malta Security Service, denying having any prior knowledge of a plan to murder Daphne Caruana Galizia. The back page story carries an extensive report of the speech delivered by the Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia during the business breakfast organised by the party. The report entitled, <<Malta’s identity under pressure by foreign influx, Adrian Delia cautions>>, argueing that there might be a future that could see Maltese children leave the country they no longer recognised as home. The second story quotes economist Philip von Brockdorff stating <<Wage growth has not matched profits in a thriving economy>>.

The editorial of the Newspaper is entitled <<Prosperity, but not for all>> takes the que from the message delivered during a business breakfast organised by the Nationalist Party, which despite unprecedented economic growth, the wages have not risen adequately to proportinately reflect our economic success as a nation.

In-Nazzjon’s main story is also about the PN’s Business Breakfast related to Worker’s Day. The report is entitled <<Infasslu l-futur flimkien biex inħarsu dak li jagħmilna Maltin>>. The backpage story <<L-emendi huma prematuri u jdgħajfu l-protezzjoni tal-embrijun uman>>, refers to the comments given by the Dean of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, Andrew Azzopardi, about the current debate on the IVF legislation amendments.

The editorial is entitled <<Il-kapitali tat-tixħim u l-ħasil tal-flus>> links the fact that Valletta is the European Capital City of Culture, at a time when the country is under international criticism and scrutiny following Panama Papers revelations and the involvement of senior government people as mentioned in the DaphneProject.

The Malta Independent second story quotes Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi in its headline which reads <<Evident that government embarked on cover-up exercise>>. The report quotes the MP saying that “the Government has embarked on a cover-up exercise in order for all the tiers of persons behind this planned execution (of Daphne Caruana Galizia) not to be revealed. This story is also the main theme of the editorial of The Malta Independent. Entitled <<Jason’s bombshell>> the editorial argues that Azzopardi’s statement “is another encouragement to us all never to stop until the murder has been fully explained and the perpetrators punished.” The backpage of The Malta Independent has four stories. <<No boating licence requirement for people renting jetskis>> refers to several people on a boating social media group who have complained that people who hire jet skis are reckless and uninformed with regard to the regulations of the sea. The report also quotes Transport Malta, which noted that while water sports operators require a valid licence and insurance cover, the people actually hiring the jest skis do not. Other stories refer to <<Passenger attempts to open emergency exit during Air Malta flight>> and about <<Cospicua’s Kunċizzjoni niche collapse>>. The main story on the backpage is a photo story, showing the Trumps and Macrons original photo of their commemorative tree plantation, being photoshopped to depict the two presidents burying a Mexican asylum seeker.

The Times main story is Ivan Camilleri’s << Dozens of ‘right to be forgotten’ requests Courts’ administration ‘inundated’>>. It states that the courts’ administration has been inundated with requests to delete judgments from a public online database. It adds that Court officials said since this newspaper reported Justice Minister Owen Bonnici had given the green light to start deleting judgments from the online server, dozens of requests had been sent to the courts’ administration asking for their removal. The report also quotes a spokesman for the courts who told the newspaper “that in the last three weeks, around 25 new requests had been received, more than the total received over the past three years”. The backpage carries the opinion of Dr Mark Sant, an obstetrician and gynaecologist and a consultant at the Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinic at Mater Dei. Entitled <<Eight cells in the lab>>, Dr Sant states that The Embryo Protection Act subjects the mother to unnecessary, repeated interventions and compels us to transfer embryos into a womb that is likely to reject them.” It also carries a photo story depicting  a photo by Jonathan Borg showing the fireworks over Valletta’s skyline, which fireworks were part of a festival which took place on April 29th, and is entitled <<Capital of colour>>.

The editorial of The Times is about the national football team following the sacking of former coach Tom Saintfiet. The editorial states that “appointing a local coach will not solve all the problems that afflicted the side over the years, but it could be a positive starting point to instill more passion in the players and bring the fans closer to the team in such difficult times.” 




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