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The NBC has reported that three American officials confirmed to the newsroom that Israel, using F-15 fighter jets, conducted the airstrike on an allegedly Iranian-controlled military base in northern Syria this week. This is the latest development in the increasingly public fight between Tehran and Jerusalem.

The unnamed US officials said Israel appears to be preparing for active conflict and is seeking American assistance, noting the recent visits to the US by Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman and trips to Israel by senior American officials.

Just few days, after the world rejoiced to the news of possible peace in the Korean peninsula, there seem to be clear evidence that the chances of global peace are remote.

Syria, seems to be the backdrop against which the ante is being raised between the US and Iran, with Israel preparing to take an active role in this. Yesterday’s announcement by Netanyahu is testimony to this and can be seen as a curtain raiser and scene setter in the eventuality of conflict. 

Israeli officials have refused to comment on the strike. Neither Syria nor Iran has publicly accused Israel of carrying it out, though many news outlets affiliated with them have pointed the finger at the Jewish state. Some have claimed that the United States or United Kingdom was behind the attack. 

Sources : NBC, The Times of Israel