BREXIT- The Lords deal another blow to May

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The House of Lords has voted for an amendment to the Brexit withdrawal bill which gives the Parliament the final say on what the UK government should do if the deal obtained by the Government is rejected by MPs. This means, that the British MPs could order May back to Brussels to negotiate a new deal, or holding a second nationwide referendum on the terms of the deal.

The UK government had promised to give MPs and Lords a “meaningful vote” on the final withdrawal deal, in which they’ll vote on whether to approve or reject the terms of the deal negotiated between UK and EU negotiators. However, that vote would not have been legally binding, which means there is nothing stopping May from taking Britain out of the EU without a deal if Parliament votes to reject the agreement she is set to bring back to London this autumn.

The new amendment passed by 335 votes to 244. The amendment also demands that Parliament votes on the final deal by November 30 at the latest. This would give MPs and Lords four months to decide what to do next before Britain’s scheduled exit date of March 2019.

Earlier today, there was an indication that the motion presented, and which eventually passed, obtained cross-party support. This result is seen as another blow to Theresa May, as now its the Parliament and not the Government, which will be setting the goalposts for May in her negotiations with Brussels. 

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