Netanyahu : Iran lied about not pursuing nuclear weapons

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“A few weeks ago, in a great intelligence achievement Israel obtained half a ton of materials” that had been housed in a vault in Tehran, Netanyahu said in a dramatic televised press conference from Tel Aviv on Monday night. The documents prove that “Iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program” and the 100,000 secret files Israel now possesses “prove that they lied,” Netanyahu said.… Be Informed

US President deserves the Nobel Peace Prize – South Korean President


South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that the US President should be recognised for his efforts to bring together the two Koreas and be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

According to an official who briefed the media, Mr Moon was reported to say this in a meeting of senior secretaries.… Be Informed

BREXIT- The Lords deal another blow to May

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The House of Lords has voted for an amendment to the Brexit withdrawal bill which gives the Parliament the final say on what the UK government should do if the deal obtained by the Government is rejected by MPs. This means, that the British MPs could order May back to Brussels to negotiate a new deal, or holding a second nationwide referendum on the terms of the deal.… Be Informed

Fresh elections in Italy are more than just a probability

Governo: Martina, con M5s non so se ce la faremo,serve tempoCentre-left Democratic Party (PD) caretaker leader Maurizio Martina said Monday it was “impossible to lead the party” after former leader Matteo Renzi on Sunday scotched the idea of a government with the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S). Martina said Renzi’s intervention ahead of a PD executive to decide on talks with the M5S Thursday was “serious”.… Be Informed

UK: Sajid Javid appointed Home Secretary

Javid.jpegBritish Prime Minister Theresa May appointed Sajid Javid, a former banker and the son of immigrants from Pakistan as home secretary on Monday, trying to draw a line under an immigration scandal threatening her authority as she negotiates Brexit and which saw the resignation of Amber Rudd, who had to quit as Home Secretary after acknowledging she had “inadvertently misled” parliament by denying the government had targets for the number of illegal migrants Britain deports.… Be Informed

Significant development on Iran to be announced by Israel’s Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make a televised announcement later on today (Monday) in what his office said would be a “significant development” regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran. The announcement is expected to be done at 1700 GMT.

In a corresponding move, Netanyahu cancelled a scheduled speech at the Knesset in honor of Theodore Herzl day.… Be Informed

Fresh missile attacks on Syria

Syria Fresh Attacks.jpg

There are fresh reports of missile attacks on Syria. The Syrian news agency SANA, reports that material damage was caused due to terrorist rocket attacks that hit Baba Amro neighbourhood and al-Mashrfa village in Homs.

Sana said that “terrorist groups positioned in the northern countryside of Homs fired three rocket shells on al-Mashrfa village, causing only material damage to properties.… Be Informed

May, Merkel and Macron discuss the Iranian nuclear deal, US trade tariffs and the E3

3 Ms.jpgA series of phone calls between German Chancellor Angela Merkel, English Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron, over the weekend, ended with an agreement about the importance of the Iran nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) as the best way of neutralising the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, agreeing that our priority as an international community remained preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.… Be Informed

Italy – Renzi rules out coalition with Di Maio

renzi.jpgMatteo Renzi while interviewed on TV programme “Che tempo che fa” said “Those who lost the election can not go to the government. We can not pass the message that March 4 was a joke: the Democratic Party lost. Now it is up to Salvini and Di Maio to rule: we can not come back from the window as if democracy was some sort of Roman game.”

He added that there is no problem to meet with Di Maio, “meeting is good, always, even the Koreas have spoken, we can talk, however we cannot vote confidence to a government by Di Maio, even if out of respect for those who look at us from home.… Be Informed