Day: April 29, 2018

United Kingdom Windrush

UK – Amber Rudd resigns as Home Secretary over Windrush scandal

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who was due to make a statement in Parliament on Monday, resigned under growing pressure to quit over the Windrush … Read more

Elections Geo Politics Jeremy Corbyn Russia UK

UK – The Sunday Times reveals study showing Russian bots influencing the General Election by promoting Jeremy Corbyn

russia bots corbyn.jpgThe Sunday Times said an investigation it conducted in conjunction with Swansea University had identified 6,500 Russian accounts tweeting supportive messages for Labour and denigrating … Read more

Fashion LifeStyle Sunglasses

What are the sunglasses styles to expect this year

SunglassesThe heat is on. The sun is bright. The sunglasses (or shades) are more than just a fashion ornament. However one can’t remove the fashionable … Read more

EU Commission proposes new rules to facilitate free movement of companies, safeguarding against unfair treatment of employees and tax evasion

The European Commission has proposed new rules aimed at facilitating the free movement of companies within the Union. This proposal seeks to harmonise rules on … Read more

Malta News

Malta | Sunday NewsPapers Review – April 29th

Newspaper Review

Sunday Paper’s Review prepared by Jesmond Saliba

Malta Today – MaltaToday reports that <<Alert of risk Pilatus posed to Malta came in May 2016>>Read more

Healthcare LifeStyle

Now that you’re 40…or almost there, how can we embrace the normal health related frustrations


How many times we heard that it’s time to start taking better care of ourself to ensure that one get through another 40-plus years.

But … Read more

Erdogan Football Geo Politics UEFA

Will ‘Imam Beckenbauer’ have the edge on Germany for Euro 2024?

erdogan football.jpgGermany and Turkey both want to host Euro 2024 and the deadline for applications is now up. In five months, on September 27, the 18-member … Read more

Elections Italy

Di Maio calls for a German style coalition agreement

ec5910b4d0ce0be11c73a94cb3a62256.jpgThere’s something fascinating about the Italian way of doing politics. This applies especially to the narrative and the way it is expressed. There are the … Read more

Healthcare LifeStyle

The LED ‘Blue Light’ linked to prostate and breast cancer

blue light.jpegEveryday devices like cell phones, computer screens, and even street lamps emit blue light, which research shows disrupts our circadian rhythms and confuses the body … Read more