UK – Amber Rudd resigns as Home Secretary over Windrush scandal

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who was due to make a statement in Parliament on Monday, resigned under growing pressure to quit over the Windrush scandal.

A statement from Downing Street said Theresa May had accepted the home secretary’s resignation.

She has faced criticism over the existence of Home Office removals targets and her knowledge of them.… Be Informed

UK – The Sunday Times reveals study showing Russian bots influencing the General Election by promoting Jeremy Corbyn

russia bots corbyn.jpgThe Sunday Times said an investigation it conducted in conjunction with Swansea University had identified 6,500 Russian accounts tweeting supportive messages for Labour and denigrating the Conservatives. It said that many of the accounts, masquerading under English names, were internet “bots” programmed to bombard voters with orchestrated political messages.… Be Informed

Malta needs to depart from the myopic 5-year political cycle – Part 2

In the first part of this series, we argued how both the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission identified certain aspects of the labour market as key challenges to Malta’s economic resilience. In this second instalment, we will look at taxation – another area flagged as a future challenge to Malta by both institutions in their reports.… Be Informed

EU Commission proposes new rules to facilitate free movement of companies, safeguarding against unfair treatment of employees and tax evasion

The European Commission has proposed new rules aimed at facilitating the free movement of companies within the Union. This proposal seeks to harmonise rules on moving, merging and dividing companies while safeguarding against unfair treatment of employees and tax evasion.

This proposal is a follow-up to the landmark decision of the Court of Justice in Polbud where it was decided that the rules on freedom of establishment include the right for a company to convert itself into a company governed by the law of another member state, provided the requirements of the host member state for its incorporation are satisfied.… Be Informed

Malta | Sunday NewsPapers Review – April 29th

Newspaper Review

Sunday Paper’s Review prepared by Jesmond Saliba

Malta Today – MaltaToday reports that <<Alert of risk Pilatus posed to Malta came in May 2016>>. Matthew Vella reports that ‘a stark warning on Pilatus Bank and its business model of ‘secrecy’ for politically exposed persons (PEPs) was spelt out clearly by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) in a hard-hitting letter from former director Manfred Galdes which copy was provided to the Malta Financial Services Authority’s director of enforcement Anton Bartolo.Be Informed

The LED ‘Blue Light’ linked to prostate and breast cancer

blue light.jpegEveryday devices like cell phones, computer screens, and even street lamps emit blue light, which research shows disrupts our circadian rhythms and confuses the body about when it’s time for sleep. Apart from that, a study led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) and involving the University of Exeter found that participants living in large cities with heavy exposure to blue lights at night had double the risk of prostate cancer and 1.5 times higher risk of breast cancer.… Be Informed