Day: April 28, 2018

Elections UK Vote16

UK to debate Vote16 – The Guardian

Votesat16_Logo_webA private members bill to extend the voting age for 16- and 17-year-olds in parliamentary and other elections will have its second reading in the … Read more

European Central Bank and Bank of England to meet on Brexit


The European Central Bank and the Bank of England will convene a technical working group on risk management in the period around 30 March 2019 … Read more

Food and Drink

Whisky Festival to be held in Brussels – Food and Wine Gazette

Belgium will finally have its whisky, rum and spirits festival. This will take place on the weekend of 1 June to 3 June at the … Read more

EU member states approve ban on the use of three pesticides harmful to bees

EU member States on Friday approved a proposal from the European Commission to ban the use in the open of three pesticides found to be … Read more

Corporate News

MISCO strengthens its Business Advisory Service


For the past 35 years, MISCO has assisted countless clients with various business advisory-related services and especially HR related services. These have included organisational restructuring,

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Donald Trump Fifa Football USA

Fresh tweet controversy for Trump. This time it’s about football. FIFA reacts.

fifa trump.jpeg

The US President Donald Trump’s fascination and ease to use twitter landed him a new controversy and a reprimand from football’s governing body FIFA.

FIFA … Read more

Alfie Evans

“Our son grew his wings” – Alfie Evans’ father announces death of his son


Alfie Evans, the toddler who stole the hearts of many,  has died after his parents lost their legal fight to continue his life support. Tom … Read more

Corporate News Malta Malta Institute of Accountants

Malta Institute of Accountants to hold SME Forum

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 08.01.49.png

The Malta Institute of Accountants will be holding the annual SME Forum on 25th May 2018. The focus of this year’s SME Forum will be … Read more

EU announces position on vaccines

Consumer Affairs

The European Commission is issuing a set of recommendations for how the EU can strengthen cooperation in the fight against diseases that can be prevented … Read more

Geo Politics Germany Iran USA

Merkel and Trump meet in Washington



No much glamour accompanied the meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump. The meeting, was significantly labelled as a working … Read more

ECB retains same interest rates

This week, the European Central Bank announced that it will keep its interest rates unchanged. This decision was based on the ECB’s regular economic and … Read more

Computing Design Eighties

Farewell to the designer of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum.jpgIn the era of smartphones and tablets and laptops, many still recall their first computer. Probably it had to be the ZX Spectrum.

Rick Dickinson, … Read more