10 dead, over 17 operations as migrant journeys restart from North Africa

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With the good weather and the calm sea, the departures of refugees from North Africa to Italy have resumed. Unfortunately, so did the tragedies and the need for rescue operations.

Yesterday, a boatload of migrants has overturned. Fortunately, all those onboard have been rescued thanks to the intervention of the ship Diciotti of the Coast Guard and the NGO Proactiva Open Arms.

On Sunday, 11 people died in another fateful journey.  Overall, during last weekend there were about a thousand migrants rescued in the Sicilian Channel, in various operations coordinated by the Coast Guard operational center in Rome (Saturday 7 operations with over 400 refugees rescued, yesterday 6 operations with over 530 rescues).

Several rescuers intervened, including Coast Guard, Guardia di Finanza, NGOs and merchants. This morning the ship Aquarius of the NGO SOS Mediterranee has landed at the port of Trapani for the landing of 537 people rescued in recent days. cropped-facebook-profile.png

Source: RaiNews, Ansa



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