Air Strikes on Syria – Italy’s reaction

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Dichirazioni del presidente del Consiglio Paolo Gentiloni suItalian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said that Italy did not participate in the attack in Syria. According to news agency ANSA, Gentiloni said that the Italian Government insisted and clarified that the logistical support we provide to the United States, in this regard, could not in any way translate into the fact where the direct actions aimed at to hit Syria leave from the Italian territory.

Gentiloni added that “It is not the moment of escalation, it is time to ban chemical weapons, diplomacy and work to give Syria stability and pluralism after seven years of a tormented and terrible conflict”.

“The circumscribed action, aimed at striking” chemical weapons, “can not and should not be the beginning of an escalation.This is what Italy has reiterated in recent days and will continue to reiterate,” said Gentiloni.

Matteo Salvini said on Twitter “They are still looking for Saddam’s ‘chemical weapons’, we are still paying for the crazy war in Libya, and someone with easy trigger insists with ‘smart missiles’, helping the other to almost defeat Islamic terrorists.”

Source ANSA

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