Air Strikes on Syria – Briefing by Theresa May

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Theresa-May-take-action-943527UK Prime Minister Theresa May addressed the press at her office in 10 Downing Street following the allies air strikes that took place in Syria. In her briefing, Ms May said that the air strikes took place after the failure of all possible diplomatic avenues. Efforts with international partners to build evidence were also taken.

She said that the UK knows that the Syrian regime has an abhorrent record of using chemical weapons against its own people.

Theresa May said that she believes this action was necessary and it was the right thing for the UK to do. “We’ve been working with our allies and partners to make a full assessment of what happened on the ground, then to consider what action was necessary. Then to do that in a timely fashion. One of the gravest decisions a prime minister can take is to send our service personnel into action, into combat. We owe it to them we protect their safety and security.”

Asked about the risks that she might not have the support of the British people, May answered  “My message to people is this is about the use of chemical weapons. We’ve had an accepted position in the international community – chemical weapons are illegal, they are banned – we’ve seen that international norm eroded.” “It is important for the alleviation of humanitarian suffering in Syria but also if we stand back and look at this more widely it’s in all our interests that we restore that international norm on the prohibition of chemical weapons.”


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