Air Strikes on Syria. UK publishes legal documents

Air strikes on Syria were legally justified on humanitarian grounds, government documents say.  The British Government published the legal position document it had, and which led to the air strikes.

Akotiri Cyprus.jpegThe document claim that in the circumstances, and as an exceptional measure on grounds of overwhelming humanitarian necessity, military intervention to strike carefully considered, specifically identified targets in order effectively to alleviate humanitarian distress by degrading the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons capability and deterring further chemical weapons attacks was necessary and proportionate and therefore legally justifiable.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria – Mixed reactions for May and Trump

May Trump.jpgA chorus of voices across the American political spectrum expressed support for Trump’s latest strikes, but criticised the lack of a broader U.S. Syria strategy that could end the seven-year war – with or without Assad.

Commentators questioned the message behind the latest strike – which signalled that Western allies would not let a chemical weapons attack go without punishment – but demurred about deeper involvement when barrel bombs by the Assad government kill far greater numbers of Syrians.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria – France publishes declassified intelligence report

PAris.jpegIn a rather unprecedented move, one of the allies which took part in last night’s air strikes on Syria, published the intelligence reports on the basis of which decisions were taken.

The report concludes that “On the basis of the overall assessment and on the intelligence collected by our (French) services, and in the absence to date of chemical samples analysed by our own laboratories, France therefore considers (i) that, beyond possible doubt, a chemical attack was carried out against civilians at Douma on 7 April 2018; and (ii) that there is no plausible scenario other than that of an attack by Syrian armed forces as part of a wider offensive in the Eastern Ghouta enclave.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria – Italy’s reaction

Dichirazioni del presidente del Consiglio Paolo Gentiloni suItalian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said that Italy did not participate in the attack in Syria. According to news agency ANSA, Gentiloni said that the Italian Government insisted and clarified that the logistical support we provide to the United States, in this regard, could not in any way translate into the fact where the direct actions aimed at to hit Syria leave from the Italian territory.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria : Syria’s reaction

Syria’s Foreign Ministry described the joint US, UK and French airstrikes as a “flagrant violation of international law and the principals of UN charter.”

Syria called on the international community to strongly condemn this aggression, which will lead to nothing but the igniting of tensions around the world and pose a threat to international peace and security as a whole,” the Ministry said.… Be Informed

Air Strikes in Syria – Weapons used (CNN)

CNN provides an analysis of the weapons used by the US, France and the UK in the air strikes on Syria.


A US defence official said the US Air Force used B-1B bombers in the Syria strike. CNN’s defence sources did not say where the B-1s flew from, but Air Force media earlier this month showed the bombers arriving at the Al Uldeid US air base in Qatar, on the Arabian peninsula.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria – Statement by Jean-Claude Juncker


The President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker issued the following statement.

Last night, France, the United Kingdom and the United States responded in a coordinated military action to the heinous chemical weapons attack carried out by the Syrian regime against civilians in Douma on 7 April.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria – Reactions by Jeremy Corbyn

img_2236The UK Labour Party’s leader said that bombs won’t save lives or bring about peace. This legally questionable action risks escalating further, as US defence secretary James Mattis has admitted, an already devastating conflict and therefore makes real accountability for war crimes and use of chemical weapons less, not more likely.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria. Vladimir Putin’s reaction

PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin has denounced a strike on Syria launched by the US and its allies as an “act of aggression” that will exacerbate humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.

In a statement issued by the Kremlin, the Russian leader says Moscow is calling an emergency meeting of the United Nations’ Security Council over the strike launched by the US, Britain and France.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria – Iran’s Reaction

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, condemned Saturday’s US-led airstrikes on Syria.  “I clearly declare that the US president, the French president and the UK prime minister are criminals and have committed a crime.”


Tehran’s foreign ministry also said in a statement that “the aggression is a flagrant violation of international law and a disregard of Syria’s right to national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The foreign ministry’s statement said that “based on religious, legal and ethical regulations, Iran opposes any use of chemical weapons, but at the same time, strongly rejects and condemns the fabrication of excuses to invade an independent country.”

He added that “There is no doubt that the US and its allies that are engaged a military intervention in Syria without any substantiated document and before any final report of the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), and have supposed themselves as the world police and judge, are responsible for regional and international repercussions of the adventure, and should be held accountable.”

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Air Strikes on Syria – United Nations reaction

Following the air strikes on Syria, Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations released the following statement.

Guiterrez UN.jpegI have been following closely the reports of air strikes in Syria conducted by the United States, France and the United Kingdom. There’s an obligation, particularly when dealing with matters of peace and security, to act consistently with the Charter of the United Nations and with international law in general.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria – Syria’s State Media reports

Syrian state media said U.S.-led air strikes caused material damage only at a scientific research center in the Barzeh district of Damascus on Friday. The attack destroyed a building that includes a learning center and laboratories. The missiles that targeted a military position in Homs were thwarted and diverted from their path, and injured three civilians.… Be Informed