Microsoft confirms its commitment to Malta as the country is embarking on its next endeavour, in its continuous voyage to be a leader in technology.

Microsoft aims to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. And in this is exactly what we are doing here, today, together, to empower every citizen and every organization in Malta to achieve more.

Ms Peggy Antonakou said this, when today the Government of Malta and Microsoft signed an important agreement focusing on several technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things aimed at supporting the strategic themes of the official announced National Digital Strategy in all three pillars, namely the Digital Citizen, the Digital Business and the Digital Government.… Be Informed

FP : First They Came for the Rohingya|Other ethnic minorities will be Myanmar’s next victims.

Foreign Policy: In recent months, international media coverage of Myanmar has focused on the plight of the Rohingya people in the west of the country. And for good reason: Since August 2017, brutal army attacks on this Muslim ethnic minority have sent more than 750,000 people — 90 percent of the Rohingya population living in Rakhine state — fleeing over the border to Bangladesh, in what can only be described as a coordinated campaign of genocide.… Be Informed

Woman accused of faking illness to avoid UK deportation died five days later

The Guardian reveals that a South African woman who collapsed during an attempted removal from the UK was accused by immigration officials of faking illness to avoid being put on a plane but died five days later.

The Home Office has referred the case of Nancy Motsamai, 35, who died on 12 March, to the independent prisons and probation ombudsman for investigation.… Be Informed

The latest on UK stance on Syria as reported on SkyNews and Russia Today

Sky News reports that Jeremy Corbyn has demanded MPs be given a vote in Parliament to authorise potential military action in Syria.

The Labour leader insisted the House of Commons “should always” be given a say on UK military intervention.

Mr Corbyn spoke as the Prime Minister offered her strongest signal yet she could authorise UK force in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack in the Syrian city of Douma.… Be Informed