Malaysia : Fake News Bill will suppress freedom of expression

FREEDOM of expression and media in Malaysia will be further suppressed say rights groups as the country’s parliament debates a ‘fake news’ Bill ahead of this year’s General Election.

A majority of MPs in Malaysia’s Dewan Rakyat, the Lower House, seek to pass a law which would impose lengthy jail time and hefty fines for creating, publishing or distributing what the government deems to be fake news.… Be Informed

The Guardian – Modern Slavery

It’s 2018 and gone are the days of the slavery as presented to us in the cinema from the Egyptian times of Moses or America. Yet slavery is still around us and we’re probably accomplices without knowing.


Felicity Lawrence, a special correspondent for the Guardian and author of the bestselling exposés of the food business, Not on the Label and Eat Your Heart Out writes about the perils of modern slavery.… Be Informed

Malta Institute of Accountants President Interviewed

William Spiteri BaileyLast July, the Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA) elected its new President, William Spiteri Bailey, who sat down with The Malta Independent on Sunday to talk about the accounting profession and the preparations being made to gear up Malta’s professional accountants for the new digital era which will inevitably change the framework within which these professionals work and, at the same time, add value to the profession.… Be Informed

Automating Inequality – High-tech tools deployed in social services can create more inefficiencies and create more inequality

a5c9877d-9cee-4c90-9648-cd6e1d022890As Americans look for greater government efficiencies, we increasingly turn to automated systems that use algorithms to determine who is eligible for access to housing, welfare benefits, intervention from child protective services, and more.

But what if automating only increases efficiencies in an already imperfect system—one that already can make life more, not less, difficult for those seeking access to food, shelter, and health care?… Be Informed