The meaning of Malta’s Freedom Day


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Freedom Day MintoffOn the 31st March 1979, Malta saw the very last ship of the British forces leaving our shores. Commonly known as Freedom Day, this day marked the end of the dependence on British and Nato Military presence in Malta.

Freedom Day would not have been possible without the granting of Independence in 1964 and the proclamation of the Maltese Republic in 1974.… Be Informed

Is Good Friday at risk because of Brexit ?

Northern Ireland is the part of the UK most distinctly affected by Brexit. The introduction of a ‘hard border’ with the Republic of Ireland is a particular concern, with customs controls probable and immigration checks possible. Free movement across the island of Ireland remains a desired feature of a strong bilateral relationship which strengthened amid common EU membership and the Northern Ireland peace process.… Be Informed

Selfie: it is not a novelty in the human desire for (self-)expression

tanjatatomirovicNowadays, for most people everyday life comprises a comprehensive use of modern technologies, communications in the digital world as well as sharing information and content in real time via a large number of social networks. Mobile – Smart phones are with us almost all the time but their initial, primary function – telephone conversation – is increasingly giving way to other forms of online communication.… Be Informed

Palestinians die in clashes with Israeli forces during major border protest

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The Guardian – At least seven Palestinians have been killed and hundreds wounded by Israeli forces in Gaza, Palestinian medics have said, as protesters kicked off a planned six-week demonstration demanding the right of return for refugees.

Israel’s military said 17,000 Palestinians were “rioting” in six locations in the Gaza strip on Friday, rolling burning tires at the security fence and its troops, which it said were “responding with riot dispersal means and firing towards main instigators”.… Be Informed

France unveils plans to drag country into the age of artificial intelligence.

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FRANCE-POLITICS-INDUSTRYFrance’s Emmanuel Macron knows his country is not about to develop a local equivalent of Google or Facebook to power the development of artificial intelligence.

But in a new national AI strategy, the French president is touting other assets to power up innovation: its foreign brain trust, huge troves of state-owned data and links to European research institutes to share and leverage knowledge.… Be Informed

Catalonia: why are the former leaders of the autonomous region being arrested?

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Ing. Philip Micallef @ Diplomatique.Expert

Ing Micallef’s familiarity with Catalonia arises from fact that he lived and worked there from 1987 to 1992 and have been in continual contact with the region since then.

PhilipMicallefWhat is happening in Catalonia? Why was Carles Pugdemont, the ex President of the Generalitat of Catalonia arrested in Germany a few days back when he was returning to his self-imposed exile home in Belgium from Finland?… Be Informed

European diplomatic solidarity with the UK despite BREXIT

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PutinMalta yesterday recalled its ambassador in Russia. It wasn’t the only country to do so. There were also a number of countries which expelled the Russian diplomats from their country.

In fact in just over a week, after the Vladimir Putin won a fourth term in office, a number of countries, normally labelled as the ‘WEST’ led by the EU and the US, expelled more than 100 Russian diplomats in what is seen as an ‘extraordinary coordinated response’ to a nerve agent attack in England that they said could only have been carried out with Moscow’s involvement.… Be Informed

Cambridge Analytica helped ‘cheat’ Brexit vote and US election, claims whistleblower

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Misuse of data and “cheating” by Cambridge Analytica and other companies associated with the firm may have altered the outcome of both the U.S. presidential election and the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, a company whistleblower told British lawmakers.

Chris Wylie, the former director of research at Cambridge Analytica, which has been accused of illegally collecting online data of up to 50 million Facebook users, said that his work allowed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to garner unprecedented insight into voters’ habits ahead of the 2016 vote.… Be Informed

Does cheese equal instability? What does cheese got to do with it?

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Charles de Gaulle was right.

The former president articulated the despair of French officials throughout history when he said, “How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”


POLITICO set out to test that theory by comparing the number of cheeses each EU country produces with its political stability (or otherwise).… Be Informed

The Cleansing of The Temple

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In the countdown before Easter, in-between blessed activities (ranging from processions to enactments) and getting the odd couple of days of trips and indulging, I find the narrative of the Cleaning of the Temple tempting!

Socially, economically and politically (nothing seems to exist outside of politics in this Country), the narrative of the Cleansing of the Temple becomes one of the boldest representations in the Gospel that show this revolutionary-pacifist Jesus Christ having a real go at the charlatans, frauds and double-dealers.… Be Informed

May considers banning City of London from selling Russian debt

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Theresa May has agreed to look into imposing a ban on the City of London from helping Russia to sell its sovereign debt, which prop ups the Russian economy.

Last month, City clearing houses, working alongside a major sanctioned Russian bank, helped issue $4bn (£2.83bn) of eurobonds to finance Russian sovereign debt, of which nearly half was sold in London markets.… Be Informed

Malta recalls its ambassador to Russia

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1200px-Coat_of_arms_of_Malta.svgIn the context of the Salisbury attack, the Government of Malta stands in full solidarity with the United Kingdom in the face of this serious challenge to our common security.
The Government of Malta condemns the attack in Salisbury in the strongest possible terms, and agrees with the United Kingdom government’s assessment that it is highly likely that the Russian Federation is responsible.… Be Informed

D|E Introducing our experts – Part 1

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PhilipMicallefIng. Philip Micallef has over thirty years experience in middle and senior management roles in both the public and private sectors in Malta, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain and Bermuda. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering B.Sc(Eng.) degree in Electrical Engineering specialising in telecommunications from the University of Malta. … Be Informed

Dar Chali Miceli

Charles Miceli.jpgCaritas Director Leonid McKay compelling and passionate tribute to Charles Miceli on today’s Sunday Times.

It is already two weeks since we unexpectedly and sadly lost one of our most loyal colleagues, a champion of social justice, and most importantly a friend.… Be Informed