100 migrants rescued by Maltese army patrol boat as 177 remain onboard Diciotti in Sicily as Salvini insists in defying Transport Minister, Speaker of Parliament concerns and Guarantor of Human right pleas
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A Maltese army patrol boat rescued 100 migrants from a boat 68 miles south of Malta early on Wednesday.

Two people had already died by the time rescuers reached the boat, which was taking in water and in imminent danger of sinking, the AFM said.

The patrol boat with the migrants onboard arrived at Haywharf AFM base at around 1.15pm.  The migrants were taken for processing while the dead bodies were offloaded from the vessel.

In the meantime the 177 refugees rescued in the Mediterranean are still on board the coast guard ship, awaiting the breakdown between EU countries.

Guarantor held: most Eritreans. EU: solution on the Diciotti is a humanitarian imperative. The President of the Italian Parliament said that now people must be able to disembark from on board the ship.

On the social media, Roberto Saviano says that the the (Italian) government holds 177 human beings hostage. Diciotti, who has not been able to disembark those who are on board by order of the Ministry of the Interior for 5 days adding that this represents a very serious and illegal case of a multi-state kidnapping.

Matteo Salvini’s reply was very clear and offensive claiming that “the summer ends and the stupidity (fesserie) of a Saviano comeback. Was it missing?”

Even the National Guarantor in a letter to the Interior Ministry expressed “concern” about the deadlock. According to the guarantor, the majority of migrants would be Eritrean nationals and there would be more than 20 unaccompanied minors on board. “The people on board the ship – he remembers – are in a state of deprivation of de facto freedom: without the possibility of free disembarkation and without this impossibility of movement being supported by any provision that legally defines their status. as a violation of Article 13 of the Constitution and Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) “.

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